A lot of cats absolutely love drinking running water. They’ll beg for some at the sink or jump in the bathtub but won’t touch their bowl of water.

Some cats are addicted to drinking out of sinks. As cats got older, he developed kidney problems that greatly increased his need for water. I knew I had to come up with aw way that would fulfill his need for running water without keeping me at his beck and call.

If you have a feline or even a smaller dog like that, consider buying an automatic fountain. There are many different models available, but the one I used for that kitty, and still enjoys it, is still running.

I even got myself some extra filters with it and the my cat drinks a lot more. There were days i could not see him drink at all!

The only other downside is that you need to keep the fountain near an electrical outlet since it has to be plugged in but never was any issue here.

If you’re a dog owner, you might want to try a fountain with your pooch. Some dogs love the running water, since it looks more fun.

You can order a drinking fountain right here and have your cat drink more so you keep your pet healthy!

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