This poor little kitten got stuck in a terrible glue trap. The poor kitten tried everything to free himself but was stuck so badly that the kitten couldn’t do it himself. The poor feline would have been stuck there forever if someone hadn’t noticed his cries for help.

Thankfully animal rescuers joined in the effort to save the little one. They used everything they had and they were finally able to free the poor kitty at the end! – This successful rescue took longer than almost any rescue we’ve seen!

This brought tears to our eyes seeing the poor kitten like this, but can’t stop smiling when he’s finally freed… Just watch!

What are they?
“Glue traps are made using natural or synthetic adhesive applied to cardboard, plastic trays or similar material. Bait can be placed in the center or a scent may be added to the adhesive by the manufacturer. Glue traps are used primarily for rodent control indoors.”

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