Rexie is a feline which once again proves that disability is not inability. This 3-year old cat “Rexie” has a broken backbone and no control over his legs because he was being mistreated by his previous owners.
Rexie was only a kitten when his previous owners severely mistreated him, leaving the poor kitty paralyzed. Over time, however, he had learned to live life to the fullest regardless of his condition. Rexie didn’t let the paralysis stop him. According to the cat’s owner DashaMinaeva, the cat doesn’t even know he’s paralyzed and goes around life just like any other cat.

He can’t scratch his ears and can’t go to the toilet on his own. Dasha adopted the kitty after it was rescued and they have been inseparable ever since.
Minaeva gives his cat a wheelchair customized to help it go back around the house. But it is little used. Felines are very independent and perfect adjustment. Rexie is very relaxed, it likes to walk and run on his own two feet rather than sit in the wheelchair
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Rexie is handicapped but it by no means stops him from being awesome!












How can you not love that pretty face –

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