Seven-year-old ginger’s original family asked for him to be put down

A feline whose story went viral when his first family asked for him to put down after he walked about 12 miles from his new home to join them, has been placed with a new loving family.

Toby was rejected by the family he walked 12 miles to be with (Jenny Winston Photography)

Toby, a seven-year-old ginger’s first family had given him away to another one because they did not want him anymore. But the feline navigated the long journey back to his original home in Raleigh, North Carolina so that he could be with them again.

Rather than welcoming him back, his original family took him to a local animal shelter and asked if he could be euthanized.

However, instead of putting him down, the shelter made a call to animal protection charity, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), who took him into their shelter to be rehomed.

When Toby arrived here at their shelter he was “laid back and “people-friendly”, but not too keen with other cats, the charity’s communications manager Tara Lyn told The Independent.

Toby the cat settles into his temporary home at the SPCA shelter in Raleigh (SPCA)

He has now found a new home with mum, Michele, and her children, the charity said separately earlier this week. He also has two other cats around the house to keep him company and his family says they are “getting along well”.

Ms. Lyn described Toby’s story as “heart-breaking”, adding that they did not know all the details about what the family asked for him to be put down but “he got a second chance.”

Toby also has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which means that his immune system is weakened, but this should not prevent the feline from living a long, otherwise healthy life as long as he has people around him who look out for signs of secondary symptoms and take him for regular appointments with a vet.

“If an owner is motivated to provide a good life for [an FIV positive cat], with regular veterinary care, vaccinations and so on, then there is no reason that it will not live as long and happy a life as any other cat,” according to the Cats Protection website.

Toby with his new mum Michele (SPCA)

“If people are moved by Toby’s story, we ask that they take action rather than just commenting on the story online,” Ms Lyn said. “Toby wouldn’t have the happy ending that he has now if we didn’t have volunteers, staff and the funding to do the work we do. We hope his story inspires other people to make a donation, consider adopting from a shelter or becoming a volunteer. Or all three.”

The creature seems to be adjusting to life with his new family pretty well, with his mum Michele telling the SPCA it is like “he’s always been here”.

You can see lots of Toby phot’s and keep up to date with his new family life on his Instagram page

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