A man made a stop in a drive-through at some fast food restaurant this week. As he rolled down the car window and expected his food, a ginger cat suddenly jumped in and made himself comfortable on the man’s lap.

Surprised by the kitty invasion, he couldn’t leave without making sure that the kitten would be safe.

The guy from Sylvester, Georgia was out getting some fast food at a local Taco Bell, but little did he know that the stop at the drive-through would change the course of his day.

While he was in the drive-through, a ginger and white cat jumped in through his car window and into his lap. “Taco Bell staff did not know who he belonged to,” he (u/Acr0b4tics) said via reddit.

He couldn’t leave the little guy there wandering by the busy traffic so decided to take him to the vet to see if the cat had an owner.


“The vet confirmed that he isn’t chipped. (He) has not been reported missing at local shelters.”

The guy took the cat home so he could have a safe place to stay and lot’s of good food to eat. He needed a name and so he named him Jose.

“People abandon healthy cats or dogs all the time here. Considering the town I found him in (not where I live) has a very low per capita income, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was left, part of an unwanted litter, or just stray altogether. I’ll do my best to make sure he gets back to his owner if he has one, if not I’ll be happy to take him,” he said.

Someone from reddit asked about the cat…


If no one comes to claim the kitty, little Jose has a home ready to officially welcome him with open arms and will never abandon him.

48 hours after Jose was found by his human friend, he’s loving their cushy couch and already feeling right at home.

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