Olive, a three-month-old kitten that was placed in a freezer, squeezed and then thrown off a second story balcony by a person in Fontana last month, is getting what every kitten needs: a good family.

Beth Stern, a television personality and also the wife of TV and radio personality Howard Stern, flew all the way from New York to California to rescue the injured kitten on March 10.

Stern found out about Olive’s story in People Magazine’s online article and contacted the City of Fontana’s Animal Services Department to inquire about fostering Olive.
During her recent visit to California, Stern met Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Animal Services Officer Jenny Fisher, Police Officer Jennie Venzor and Police Sergeant Kevin Goltara to thank them for their efforts on Olive’s behalf.

Warren expressed her thanks to Beth and Howard Stern, as well as North Shore League America, for their dedication to rescuing and fostering animals in need.

“When I read about Olive, I felt physically sick and knew I had to do something to help,” said Stern. “I am so very grateful to everyone from the City of Fontana who saved Olive’s life and was excited to meet them when they brought her to me to bring home and foster.”

Beth Stern is a volunteer, foster parent and national spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue, and adoption organization. As an animal rights activist, she dedicates her life to fostering kittens and cats, particularly those with special needs, and helping them find their forever homes.

Olive suffered major injuries to her chest and a fractured leg during an incident on Feb. 2.

The suspect in the case, 34-year-old Lucio Lopez, was apparently upset that the kitten entered his apartment and so he allegedly placed the kitten in a freezer, police said. Witnesses reported that he later took the kitten out of the freezer and allegedly began squeezing her body before throwing her off a second story balcony.

After the alleged animal abuse, Lopez fled the scene before officers arrived. He was later found while driving in Fontana and was arrested.

Interested persons can follow Olive’s road to recovery on Beth Stern’s Instagram, @bethostern.

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