#10 Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have a wavy, short hair coat and thin bodies. Their fur is also very soft and they have ears that are very large.

The Devon Rex is a playful, active feline and is sometimes described as “a monkey in a catsuit.”

#11 Himalayan

Very similar to the Persian, the Himalayan cat is considered to be a sub-breed in some feline associations and a breed all their own in others.

The Himalayans were cross-bred from Persians and Siamese to realize their color points. Himalayans only appear in the color point pattern, but this pattern can be a diversity of colors.

#12 American Shorthair

An all-American breed, the American Shorthair feline is a large, intelligent shorthair feline that have round faces and short ears. They are often mistaken with domestic, mixed-breed cats, but are in fact a purebred and their name switch from domestic shorthair cats in 1966 helped to differentiate them.


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