#3 Maine Coon

Known for their large body’s some really big and their fur coat, the Maine Coon is a cat that is hard to ignore. Applauding from the state of Maine and also the state’s official cat, the Maine Coon is a tender giant. They are excellent hunters and were popularized after the CFA acknowledged them as a purebred in the late 1970’s. They remain one of the most favorite cat breeds.

Many Maine Coons have additional toes, a trait referred to as polydactylism, which makes their already big feet even larger. This is a great characteristic to have when hunting in the snow, since wide feet act as snow shoes.

The classic Maine Coon coloration is a brown tabby, but this kind of breed can come in almost any color.


#4 Ragdoll

Ragdoll felines get their name from their gentle temperament. They seem to go soft when picked up, much like a rag doll. At one moment, it was even believed that they couldn’t feel pain, but that is of course only a myth.

Ragdolls look a lot like long-haired Siamese felines with their pointed color skin patterns. They also have notable blue eyes and dog-like personalities, following their owners around the house.

#5 Bengal

Bengals are wild looking cats. Their skin patterns make them look more like they belong in the wild than in your home, but they are domesticated cats. They are verbal and require a lot of activity.

Many colors are allowed on Bengals, but their recognized patterns only include spots and rosettes. Their name comes from the Asian leopard cat’s taxonomic name, Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis, since Bengals were basically bred from both domestic cats and this wild cat. Because of that, they get their beautiful patterns from this wild feline as well.

#6 Abyssinian

Originally originated in Ethiopia (previously known as Abyssinia), the Abyssinian feline has a distinctive red/orange agouti fur coat. The agouti fur, which truly means it has bands of light and dark coloring on the single pieces of hair, gives the Abyssinian its special look.

In addition to the most common color referred to as ruddy, Abyssinians can also come in cinnamon, blue, and fawn.

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