Having a pet definitely add some flavors to your life, along with responsibility, of course. Then will having multiple pets at the same time means greater joy? These 10+ people will give you the perfect picture.

If you do own more that 3 pets, please share your experience in the comments!


#1 Internal scream.


#2 Meet Bob, the lovely Golden Retriever, who lives With a flock of 8 birds and a hamster.


#3 Who said cats and dogs don’t get along?


#4 They couldn’t leave their owner alone.


#5 Look at this flock of 12 cats!


#6 Steve is living a great life with senior dog rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and other animals.

#7 Girlfriend and I have 5 cats and 2 dogs that all love to sleep with us at night… Solution? We made an 11ft king + full mega bed!


#8 It’s just 3 dogs… Wait!


#9 This was their faces after I walked in the room and yelled, “Ok, who did it?”


#10 They look like an accomplished rap group.


What do you think about it?




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